Monday, August 29, 2011

Secret Squirrel Quilt - Update

I've been working on my secret squirrel quilt today.  It's for a friend of mine so I can't say too much here, as I'm not sure if she reads my blog but I'm really hoping she will like it, 'cause ya know, every girl needs a quilt!
Moda Bake Shop - Plates For Your Table

Now I found this Plates For Your Table Tutorial at the Moda bake shop, it has four parts but the one I'm basing this quilt on is the Dresden plate table runner.

So to have a break from cutting out all the wedges, my least favourite part, I thought I'd make one Dresden to see if I needed to adjust my seam allowance. While I'm trying to follow the pattern, I am varying it slightly by also adding a couple of little backstitches where the point of each wedge will be, for some extra security.  Ive also been making friends with the quarter inch foot Ella come with.  I have tried it before and wasn't impressed but this morning its been going pretty well.

After a little while I ended up with this. I was pretty happy with it, until....

I measured it :(  According to the pattern its meant to finish up at 8 3/4". Mine, as you can see above, is almost 10", as big as the square its meant to go on.

SO, I had a re-read of the pattern and yes, I had cut my rectangles slightly wider than required. That didn't matter. Then I realised that the ruler I'm using to cut my wedges, the Easy Dresden by Darlene Zimmerman-

might be different that the one stated in the instructions. So I had a quick look and sure enough it is.  Darn it.  I then hunted (for a fair while, since small people don't tend to file like I do) for the instructions that came with the ruler.  Once I found them I saw that my ruler suggested a half inch shorter wedge.  Aaaargh, more cutting....

But WOW! What a difference. The right size wedge, a slightly bigger seam allowance and it went together beautifully. Only 23 more to go...

For those who are wondering, I have used the same fabric as in the  moda tutorial.  I thought she'd like it and its got a nice variety of colours rather than just three or four. But remember if you know who its for, Secret Squirrel!


Katie said...

I love the third photo with the points pieced together in the a circle - so artistic!

Sandra Kaye said...

OK, I so have to do a Dresden plate quilt. I keep seeing them every where and I really like them. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs---Sandie