Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday My little Superhero - UP UP and AWAY!

What does a going-to-be-Three year old need for his birthday? A Superhero Cape of course! I based the idea on this superhero cape tutorial I found ages ago. As you know from this ballerina bag I find it hard to follow someone else's design, so I used some newspaper to make my own cape pattern.  In between about 150 games of hide and seek I managed to do a little sneaky measuring without too many questions.

Superhero Cape Pattern

Big brother had helped pick out a colour (a VERY bright green that the camera does not do justice to) so after cutting it out, I then designed some simple superhero-ish applique.  Naptimes this week have been filled with some secret sewing and I finished it off the other night.

Superhero reversible cape

Superhero reversible cape

Of course every superhero needs a mask to hide his identity so with some help again from big brother, I made a template and used two different colours of Eva craft foam, to match both sides of the cape.

I used a fairly close satin stitch to go around the edges. One colour stretched a lot and the whole thing needed a retrim which was pretty awkward, especially around the eyes. I still didn't like the way it looked so I ended up using a sharpie to colour the outside edge and around the eye holes. Voila! Now you will never know who he really is. . . .

Then for Big brother who was an excellent secret keeper I made one too.

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diana said...

What a great ideea! Now I just have to make one too :D