Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Festival of Scrappiness Quilt Entry- A little happy

Hi! I'm entering this mini quilt into the Festival of Scrappiness over at Stitched in Colour.

Mini Quilt - A little happy - 13.5" x 14"

As I haven't yet done my catch up post(oops and it is almost April! Oh the shame...) here is a quick rundown.  Last year I began making a quilt out of yellow and orange triangles all cut from scraps I inherited from my Mum.  This year while planning Project Half-Done(more on that later) I revisited the quilt, which is called "Happy Days", and decided I needed to make it a couple of rows longer. While cutting out the triangles for that I had some little scraps left over and decided to cut even tinier triangles and make a mini quilt for my ongoing Quall of Fame(a wall covered in mini quilts - miniatures of large ones I've made and others) because its a small version of "Happy Days" I've called it - "A little happy", and because its so small I only used a lowercase h. I didn't think it could handle a capital :)

Now entering an unfinished top is OK by the rules but as I've already started the quilting it feels a bit like I'm showing it to you naked. It is 13.5" x 14" and the triangles are just over 1 ¼" high. You can see my not very good quilting a bit better in the pictures below. I'm hoping to make the stars "pop" a bit, then I'm planning to bind it similar to this quilt here.

Mini Quilt - A little happy - Back
Mini Quilt - A little Happy -  Close-Up


I was hoping to finish the large quilt too but I've run out of time so I'll tell a funny(eventually) story instead.  When trying to decide on how to quilt the mini I tried putting some clear plastic over the top and drawing on possible designs. It was all going well until, yep, some ninny drew on the fabric. And no, whiteboard markers do not wash out nor do they come out with Metho or anything else I tried.  The funny thing is that when I replaced the triangle it took me less than 10 minutes.  About 5 times less than I spent trying to get it out in the first place... der.

That means now I've learnt 3 things:

1. Don't trim blocks whilst wearing a scarf with tassels.  Unless of course the tassels are much too long and you need them shorter.

2. Headphones don't like being trimmed either.

3. Don't draw on fabric with a whiteboard marker.

I'm a bit over yellow and orange after the DSQ and these so now instead of finishing quilting this like I planned, I'm going over to check out more of the fabulous quilts already linked up.  Go and have a look too :)


Pam said...

I'm not normally a big fan of orange, but I LOVE the way the oranges and yellows have been put together in this mini quilt. I kept looking at the shapes and the quilting and seeing different patterns each time I looked. It's fabulous, Vicki!

Valerie said...

It is a happy quilt! It could totally handle a capital H :)

Teje said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I love orange, yellow and those sunny colours with white! x Teje

Cat said...

Orange is my fave color. This is gorgeous! Fabulous morning quilt of Orange Juice and Sunshine. Yes, very Happy.
I elongated the triangles in my quilt to get a flag like appearance. My first time working with triangles... I like them.
Smiles, Cat

Rachel Hauser said...

A great name for this mini! So cute =)

Vicki Freeman said...

I love this!! I've been wanting to try a triangle quilt for a long time. You've inspired me to get going on it!!

Amy said...

This quilt sounds like quite the adventure! I love the colours, its so sunshiny and happy. :)

Rachel said...

Love the quilting on this!

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Oh yes, this is just too darn cute!!

Something orange has been on my list for 'someday'!!

Love the quilting!

Lisa Kavanaugh said...

thank you sharing your lovely work. The colors inspired me. Your triangles morphed into half square triangles for me and the brightness got me through some cold days of working with this!

Amy said...

I love this little quilt. so orange and cheery.