Saturday, July 2, 2011

AP&Q Competition

So last month's AP&Q magazine(Australian Patchwork & Quilting Magazine) had a competition to win some Leutenegger Fabric. My friend Katie of Chuords Crafts firmly, gently, suggested that we enter.

To enter we needed to make 6.5" square blocks in bright purple, pink and green.  There would be 8 winners chosen and the blocks were to be made into quilts for charity. The deal was we would each submit a couple of blocks and if either of us won anything we would split the prize. If not we would have the fun and challenge of making something new and the results would go to a good cause.

I ended up making four blocks and I would just like to point out that in no way are these my favourite colours! Also sorry for the very ordinary photo, but it was late, and I just wanted to package them up ready for mailing and go to bed.

Anyway, the top left one I was really happy with, a good chance to do a test dresden for a quilt I'll be working on later(Shhh... Secret Squirrel).  The top right was great in theory but someone may have worked out the math fairly late at night and the resulting pieces were all 1/4" too big. So I lost the other green and purple that was in the zig zag when I cut it to size. I was going to add some pink hand stitching in perle cotton but none of the pinks I had seemed to work. The bottom two blocks are just leftover strips pieced together that I thought could be fillers in the charity quilts.

Wish us luck!

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