Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Cheeky little Red Rabbit

Now my kids and their Nanna have a whole "thing" about the cheeky little Red Rabbit(it's a tin rabbit that lives at her house). It does naughty things, never stays where its put and generally gets up to mischief!

So, I thought why not make a little mischief of my own. Im using a RR(red rabbit) from some wrapping paper she'd given the kids on a gift, I don't know who the designer is but if you do, let me know.

I'm making two little RR wall quilts.  One, I'm going to hide at her house when we next go there, the other I'll get my husband to put up in the kids room when we are out. Then when they ring each other they can tell each other what their rabbits are up to and try to work out where they came from. And I can move them around and fake complete surprise when they notice! Oh, good times ahead.

I've used an applique method that I call 'slash and turn' but it probably has a proper name.  All you need to do is trace your design(backwards) onto a piece of interfacing.


Then you sew around the whole design on the line using a very small stitch length, I think I used 1 here. Slash the back and turn it through. I use a crochet hook to turn the small parts. Once your happy with it give it a light press and sew it on! I used the same method for the cute fluffy tail.

The first one is almost done, I just need to decide on the binding????

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