Friday, September 16, 2011

The Adventures of Woofes and Mr Blue -Toy Superheroes with Capes

A friend suggested that obsessing over a Quilt might not be healthy and I should take a break, ("Step away from the quilt Lady!") so I decided to give it the day off.  Before I could even think what to do instead a little voice asked "Mummy, can you make Woofes a cape today?" Then a second little voice said "and Mr Blue too".

When I made the boy's superhero capes  I believe I may have mentioned, very vaguely, something about making their go-with-them-everywhere-toys one too. Little Brother has a mind like a steel trap, I'm surprised I haven't been called on this long ago. Anyhoo...

I rounded up the miscreants, Mr Blue(known associate of Mr Brown, Mr Green and Miss Monkey) and Woofes, real name Woof but goes by the alias Woofes(how Little Brother says woofs). Little Brother and Big Brother picked out the colours they wanted for a reversible cape(my idea of a simple felt one totally ignored). Little Brother wanted the same as his cape, green and black. Big brother wanted black on one side "with a batman thing Mummy", and Blue on the other. Big brother had the box of blue fabric out(says something doesn't it, that I organise my fabric by colour -nerd!) and I made a suggestion that I thought fitted his criteria, only to have him say 'that's not the right shade Mummy". Ahem, quilter's Son alert!

I got the boys to help measure and make a pattern, then spent most of the day looking for the black elastic. Very late at night I made the capes, ready to surprise them(get some peace and quiet) in the morning.

They look like little handbags don't they.

Reversible Toy Superhero Cape and Mask

With his mask on you'll never know Woofes true identity.... and Mr Blue, well he's off fighting grime!


Lucy said...

Super cute!!
We haven't even progressed to Mr in our house... it's just cat, monkey, dog, bear!! :)
I think I'll have to try this, it makes those toys even more fun!

Archie the wonder dog said...

I've had so much fun following all the links to your other posts! The capes (boy and toy!) are wonderful - I bet the boys are going to be thrilled! I love the 'not the right shade' comment - you'll treasure that for years to come!

jasmel05 said...

Love them! You always are an inspiration to me!

diana said...

Oh, my! They are soooo sweet! I think I want a hero of my own :)))

P.S. 11 followers? I bet you'll have 1100 in a couple of month :)

Collette said...

These are amazing!!!! Love them! The dresden plates are perfect too! I aspire to be as you! xxx