Friday, February 1, 2013

Fast Forward.... Fresh Sewing Day & Small Blog Meet

Modern Scallop clamshell applique pillow - detail


Do you ever feel like your life is in fast forward? That you blink and 6 months of your life have gone past without anyone consulting you about it? It's seemed like that here the past year or so. Though, once I find out who is responsible,  I shall be giving them a stern talking to!

Now apparently it's bad bloggy manners to apologise for absence(of any length) so lets just pretend that we haven't been apart and get back to the irregularly scheduled programme...  :)

In the summer school holidays, which have just finished here in Australia :(  I was lucky enough to have my annual summer sew in at Faye's house. The "sew in" part being very literal as the boys and I chose the hottest week of the summer to go. Most days were in the high forties. Of course the day we went home a cool change came through and by the time we were an hour from home it was 14°C and raining. Go figure.

Luckily she has a great sewing space and is happy to share. I finished making this feather bag which has gone as a present to a lovely friend of mine.

Tote Bag with pieced Feather - detail

I started making it as a Christmas teacher gift, but ran out of time, so sneakily made it for a friend of mine instead, all the while asking her opinion on how I should do it. The background is Robert Kaufman Quilter's Linen in Charcoal, the feather is made from my stash.

Tote Bag with pieced Feather - Front

This scalloped panel managed to get finished also and is destined to be a large pillow. I used a faced appliqué technique, a variety of cotton and linen fabrics and my current favourite colour scheme: navy and pink. (Though Navy and green is vying hard for second place). These scallops are 3.5" across and that pink fabric at the top of the photo is for the back. I hoped to finish it in the linen I used on the front but of course they don't make it anymore and I don't have enough left. I'd love to make a bigger version for my bed, though TH might not like all the pink!

Scallop clamshell appliqué panel

The rocketship quilt for BB finally got some attention too. I took advantage of Faye's space to cut out the large lengths of fabric required and have been making stars and working on the rocket. More stars than are in the picture, just in case you were wondering.

Rocketship quilt background

No idea why I've left it this long and the fact that BB has been so understanding about it only makes me feel worse. I'm hoping that the usual burst of energy I get at the beginning of the new year is not too far away. This year I really need to finish some projects that have been hanging around a long time, 'cause then I can start some new ones!

I really find it hard to blog on anything like a semi- regular basis. I can easily read 50 posts in the time it takes me to write one, well, one that makes sense. I'm more of a born-to-read person rather than a born-to-write.  So this year I am aiming for a post once a month. That's only 12 times a year, achievable surely??

I guess we'll have to wait and find out!

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