Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Do you need a glass of water?

Do you need a glass of water? A fan? A quick lie down?? I was just checking you see, as this is my second, that's right folks, second(!) post this year and I thought maybe someone might have fallen over in shock. No? Just me then :)

That unfortunately is probably the most exciting bit as there hasn't been a great amount of progress here this month. I haven't been feeling that well and Ella has not been on her best behaviour.  She's been skipping stitches all over the place. So we've both been to the doctor to get an overhaul. It's not all bad though, soon Ella will be home and I have had the lovely Faye looking after me the last couple of weeks. It's been so nice to have another girl around to talk with, a rarity in this all boy house.

I have managed to finish all the stars for the rocket-ship quilt,

Rocket-Ship Quilt , Stars Prepared for Appliqué

make a test mini quilt of a larger quilt that I have planned, sorry no more details, I don't want to ruin the surprise!

Modern Mini Quilt - Detail

And make good progress on some binary code that's been waiting for ages to get some love and attention. (Yep that's my nerdy side showing its geeky head...)

Binary Code - Piecing Detail

But that's it. Everything else is still all plans and daydreams and possibilities. Which is kind of nice, then I can imagine fantastical quilts that I'd like to make. Ones with perfect seams, amazing colours and dazzling quilting. That in my head are a cinch to make and take no time at all....  Maybe I hit my head when I fell over in shock? Anyway, here's hoping this month of March will be more successful!

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Lily's Quilts

It was lovely to receive some new visitors last month.  Today I've put out some Jelly Lamingtons  filled with fresh cream and a nice cup of coffee.  Don't worry about getting crumbs on the rug - TH is great at vacuuming!