Saturday, September 10, 2011

Secret Squirrel Progress

Dresden Plate - Hitch & Thread
First I'd just like to say a big HELLO to all who have visited through the small blog meet at Lily's Quilts.  It has been so nice to receive some lovely comments and some new friends.  I need to sort out some issues my google account is having and then I'll be able to come and say hi too! (Probably my fault, but either way it's not working that well!)

So while I haven't been able to visit and say hello, I have been quite busy.  I hope to get the secret Squirrel quilt top complete so I can send it off to be quilted, then have enough time to finish a Rocketship Quilt by November for the birthday of Big Brother. Some ninny(me!) thought for some reason a Dresden plate quilt would be fairly quick to make!

Here is my process and progress this week.

20 Plates with 20 wedges each = lots of wedges, lots of chaining....

Fun to play with!

et VoilĂ !

Dresden Plates - Hitch & Thread
Dresden Plates - Hitch & Thread

20, 8 3/4" Dresden Plates!

Miniature Dresden Plate
Oh, and I made a tiny one, 'cause I might put some in the borders. The 5c(Australian) coin in the middle is 6/8".  The finished size is 2.25" eeek!!

Shhhhhhhhh,  Secret Squirrel!


Lucy | Charm About You said...

WOW! That's so impressive :)
You have been working hard, that tiny one is gorgeous!
Can't wait to see the rocketship quilt too

Tricia said...

You have been hard at work! I was having problems posting comments the last few days too. I just unmarked the stay signed in box and now it's working again. I'm so happy!