Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sew-Inspiration Sunday

Well another week has flown by with seemingly not much achieved. I've made a couple of potholders, I've done a little work on the secret Squirrel Quilt and I've taken another look at the Rocketship quilt which I'll hopefully get to post about this week.  Oh and my iron did a kamikaze leap off the ironing board so I'm training up a new one. I have also managed to acquire a scratchy throat and a stuffy head.  The throat I can live with but the the head. Aye! (this is the part where you offer sympathy :) )

Now my inspiration this week comes from Amy at  She has used a pixelated photo to create this stunning quilt for her Mother. I am loving this idea and I'm also loving the way she quilted it, which you can see better in her closeups.  If you go and have a look, check out the photo she started with - so different to the final outcome!

"Groovy" Custom Quilt for my Mom amyalamode - mosaic quilt
amyalamode - mosaic quilt
Now I've just realised this is a bit similar to last Sundays post as its very colourful.  So sorry but the stuffy head has reigned supreme and said that its okay to do that.  Now since I am a newbie blogger I have a question that I'm hoping someone with more experience can help me with.  Should I get a flickr account? Is it hard? Will it hurt??


Archie the wonder dog said...

Hope your head and throat get better soon - thanks for showing us the pixelated quilt! I think you should get a Flickr account as there is lots going on over there - swaps, QALs, etc. It won't hurt, go on, give it a go!

Melissa said...

Get a flickr account, I have one and its a great place to store photos and share with others. You can link it up to your pinterest and get exposure as pinning your pics will send people to your blog or flickr account and open the door to more interest!

I love colour!

verykerryberry said...

Lovely inspiration! Oh yes, get a Flickr account! It is a social and helpful place to be- I have met great people through flickr