Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sew-Inspiration Sunday & Small Blog Meet & Fresh Sewing Day!

Sunday already? Where has this week gone, for that matter, what happened to September?? I'm sure it must have sneakily skipped a week somewhere.

I've been inspired today by Lynne of Lily's Quilts, her generous hosting of the Small Blog Meet means that I've got to meet lots of other people who have the same interests and who have recently started blogging too. Before I started blogging(instead of just reading) I didn't realise how much of their time it would have taken, not only to write the blog but to take the photos. Though maybe that's 'cause I'm a really bad photo taker and take at least 2 shots of the same thing - just in case! So to all those people who write the blogs I read and follow, Thank You, I really appreciate your effort!

I'm going to link up again this month to hopefully meet some more inspiring people :) If you're here visiting - Hi, nice to meet you!

Small Blog Meet

I'm also doing my first link up to Fresh Sewing Day. If you haven't been yet, pop over to Lily's Quilts and have a look at what everyone has been up to. There is some fantastic stuff to be inspired by.

Fresh Sewing Day

So this month:
60 degree diamond English Paper Piecing

I've cut out all the diamonds for my English Paper Piecing and punched holes in all the diamonds.

Dresden Plates

I've made 20 dresdens for the SS quilt and are about two hours away from 10 more. Sigh.

SS Quilt, Dresden Plate, Possible Layout

I've worked out the layout for the SS quilt, though I've just realised I haven't actually posted my decision -Sorry! (note to self - DO that this week!)

Toy superhero reversible cape

I've kept two small boys and their toys happy.  Though now I have to make some toy dog pyjamas...

Kid's potholder/oven mitts

And I've made a couple of kid size potholders to go with an apron and hat.

I feel like I haven't really achieved much this month so I'm hoping by the end of October I will actually have a finished quilt to show!

Thanks for visiting!

TH - Happy Anniversary, I Love You. x


mtnquiltr said...

Wow, your Dresden plates are gorgeous! I love that they are scrappy. Hang in there, it's going to look wonderful!

Cindy said...

I really like your dresden blocks. I'm in a new bee and our first block is a dresden and I've never made one before!

Ella said...

Love your projects! If you have any insight on how to measure for a dog, please post advice!

Emma said...

I think you've had an amazing month.

The superhero costume is adorable. You must have some very happy little boys.

I love the colour pallet you've chosen for your diamonds. You've intrigued me with your comment of punching holes in the diamond. Where?! For what?!

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love your Dresden Plates and the colours of your diamonds are wonderful - any chance you could tell us what the colours are? There's something very appealing about neat stacks of fabric!

Rebecca Lynne said...

Whoa Dresden! You have a lot of patience! Not sure I could get through that. As for the stuffed animal pajamas? I for one cannot wait to see that! I have a feeling that will be me in a few years...

Kleep said...

Those dresdens are spectacular. I'm going to follow you so I can see how things unravel (ravel up?). I'd say that things look pretty good for the month!

Lucy | Charm About You said...

I can't wait to see what you decided!! It's looking fabulous :)

Collette said...

Looking good!! You have been busy! Did you have templates for those little diamonds by the way? I love EPP and have done hexagons but not diamonds yet. I am desperate to try them. xxx

Jules said...

Just found you through Lilys those dresdens are to die them, great work and looking forward to following you regularly :)

Kirsten said...

I love your dresdens - I haven't made one yet but saw a great tutorial recently so may give it a go soon. And the superhero capes for the toys are so cute!!

Toni said...

Well, if that is you not achieving much, I can't wait to see how much you get done in a productive month!! Everything looks fabulous and I love the costume for the pup!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

I think you've achieved a lot during September. WoW... love all those Dresden plates. I've only recently done my first Dresden plate on a cushion. Following you now and looking forward to reading all about your sewing projects. Great to find a fellow Aussie blogger.

Martha said...

Came over from Lily's. Enjoyed my visit...your quilts are beautiful.